Download Cinema Box for iOS,iPhone (7,8,9.1,9.2,9.3,10,) iPad Touch

In this post we are going to see how to install & download cinema box hd app for iOS.Internet, the ocean of information has been evolving over the time. Today, internet does not only provide useful information to us, hence it has become the most accepted platform for entertainment. While someone has to track a certain schedule to watch movies, TV series, or other contents; Internet provides you the freedom to watch your favourite media contents anytime, and anywhere. And all the facilities internet offers to us are being delivered to us by various medium.Movie streaming apps, or app that allows users to watch free movie online are an example of those medium that delivers the internet facilitations to us. Using these tools, we don’t need to rely on a big screen device like Computers or Television, as we can have the hell of fun on our handy device Smartphone.

One of the best tools that allow us to watch free movies and TV series online on our Smartphone is Cinema Box app. Downloading Cinema Box for iOS or Android is much easier than we would imagine. We will figure that out shortly, before that let’s talk briefly about Cinema Box for can also check out our last post on  how to install or download cartoon hd for android phones where we mentioned procedure step by step.

why you should try cinema box?

You already have a slight idea about Cinema Box, as it is a free movie streaming mobile app available for various platforms like Android and iOS. It is to be mentioned worthy here that, the developers of Cinema Box for iOS and Android are the same team behind the quality service and success of PlayBox HD.

PlayBox HD was a beast in the movie streaming app category, and the Cinema Box app we are currently discussing about is the another admirable product you must have.  You can have the Cinema Box for iOS devices like iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch without jailbreaking them, absolutely free of cost.

You can download hundreds of free HD quality movies and TV shows, or stream them off to your iOS device for free online watching. Cinema Box also supports on Apple TV, so that you can have the fun of watching HD contents on the bigger screen anytime.

If you have the Cinema Box for iOS with you, you may never miss your favourite TV series episode further on. So, can get always busy with your important works, and when you get spare time, turn on your Cinema Box.

How to Download/Install Cinema Box for iOS – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  • As I have mentioned above, you can download and install Cinema Box for iOS without jailbreak your device, if any. The app is very lightweight (18.4 MB), so it won’t use much of your storage space, neither it takes much of browsing data.
  • It is absolutely free of cost to download. The downloading process may take just a couple of minute to finish. Here we go

1. firstly, you need to sign out of the iTunes & App Store. To do this, go to the mobile “Settings”, hit “iTunes & App Stores, and finally tap on “Sign Out” option.

2. Now, you can proceed to download the app file. Click on the below given link with highlighted anchor text.

Click Here to Download Cinema Box App

download cinema box app

3: once you have clicked on the above link, you will be directed to new a site where get Cinema Box for iOS file sited.  You can start downloading the app in two different ways-

  • Tap/Click on the “Install App” button.
  • Scan the unique QR code using your phone.

4: Next, hit the “Install” button, and it will be installed immediately.

5: Now, you can launch the “Cinema Box” app.

6: As soon as you hit the Cinema Box to launch, a pop will show up asking you to use your Apple ID. Tap on the “Cancel” alternative.

cinemabox signup

7: Now, log in to iTunes & App Store the ID – [email protected], or [email protected].

cinema box download

8:  Now get back to the iTunes App Store > sign out > login into your account again. That’s it.

cinemabox hd

Some issues with Cinema Box app users are facing are lame. And these can be fixed in ease right away. Meanwhile if you have the updated version of cinema box for ios download, there should be no issues in streaming and watching free movies and TV shows of high definition quality on your Apple Phone.